Get a Free Scan of Your Cloud Data

Please note: Your data will stay in your cloud for the entire scan, and will not impact your existing workloads or performance. 

Find your sensitive data with Sentra’s API-only approach - no agents or sidecars required.

Scan up to 10 TBs of your sensitive data for free and discover: 

  • Personal and financial information with a weak security posture
  • Abandoned shadow data (that increases cloud spend!)
  • Users and 3rd parties with excessive access to sensitive data

What happens after submitting the form? 

The two step process is designed to get the scan set up as fast as possible:

Step 1: We’ll send you a link to schedule a meeting with one of our engineers to connect to your cloud

Of course, we understand that every organization has its own security and compliance policies. Please consult our terms of use and privacy policy , and we will work together with you to ensure full compliance with your organization's policies as part of the process.

Step 2: We run the scan and share the results with you 

You’re that close to securing your sensitive data!