Sentra Raises $30M Series A to Lead the Data-Centric Security Movement
Sentra Raises $30M Series A
to Lead the Data-Centric Security Movement
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Data Travels.
Now Security Does Too.

Strengthen your cloud data security posture without slowing down your business.
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Sentra Protects your Cloud Data by

Protect public cloud

Reducing the attack surface of your public cloud

Detect data vulnerabilities

Detecting and remediating
top data risks

Protect against cloud data leaks

Protecting against
data breaches

Find Shadow data with Sentra

Eliminating sensitive
shadow data


Automatically detect all managed and unmanaged cloud native data stores
Sentra’s agentless solution is able to discover and scan cloud data stores to find sensitive data without any impact on performance. Sentra's data centric approach is focused on securing your company's most valuable data.
Types of Data found by Sentra


Sort and tag your data based on business impact
Sentra uses both existing and custom data recognition tools to identify sensitive cloud data. By leveraging data scanning technologies that are based on smart metadata clustering and data sampling, users can reduce cloud costs by three orders of magnitude compared to existing solutions. Sentra’s API-first and extensible classification, easily integrates with your existing data catalogs and security tools.
data classification

Continuous Assessment

Maintain your data security posture with automatic risk assessment and compliance
Assess the risk to your data stores by looking both at compliance requirements and your security posture. Sentra also integrates with your existing security tools, so you always have the full context for every vulnerability.
data vulnerability remediation


Actionable alerts to put you on the path to remediation
Sentra provides the context to enable your organization to fix security controls, including identifying the data owner and recommendations for how to remediate as quickly as possible. Integrations with no-code security automation tools allow teams to respond to threats faster with automatically triggered flows.

Agentless, Intelligent Data Scanning

Sentra’s smart data scanning technology protects your data without breaking your cloud provider bill or slowing down your team’s productivity.
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What security leaders say about us

“Compared to other solutions we reviewed, Sentra's implementation was simpler and effective, providing visibility and insights from day one, making a perfect out of the box experience. Sentra is the right solution for ensuring our data security posture is always at the forefront in our cloud environments.”

Nitai Sarna

Director of Information Security

"Sentra’s value was immediate. It enables us to map critical sensitive data faster and secure it."

Gal Vitenberg

Senior Application Security Architect

"Sentra’s approach to cloud data security immediately struck a chord. Legacy data security tools simply cannot tackle the complexity of cloud environments. Sentra is now an integral part of our security stack."

Eran Kalmanson

SVP Engineering

"Sentra gave us quick time to value. As a data-driven organization with many petabytes of data, Sentra gives us full visibility into our data landscape and allows us to keep our cloud data secured at all times with a minimal effort."

Rajan Ramasamy

CTO, Stackline

"As design partners of Sentra, we are sure they have the right platform for enterprises looking to ensure sensitive data is always properly secured, no matter where it goes."

Guy Havusha


"Sentra’s Data Security Posture Management solution provides a centralized and easy-to-use way to discover, manage, and address data security risks in the cloud.”

Jason Chan

Former VP of Information Security

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