Legacy Data Security Solutions

Feature Comparison:

Sentra vs Leading Legacy Data Security Tools

Leading Legacy Data Security Tools
Large number of out of the box classifiers
On-prem support
Data stays in the customer’s environment
API-only and scalable
Auto-discovery of data
High accuracy classification of unstructured data
Quick time to Value

Legacy data security solutions have been around for nearly a decade. But they have a fatal flaw.
They don’t scale to the cloud.

They were built for the on-prem era, when there was less data and there was time to connect the tool manually to every new data store. But in the cloud era, we’re creating and moving data all the time. We can’t be configuring connections all the time.
Sentra’s Data Security Posture Management solution was built to scale efficiently. Support secure data sharing and make your business responsive to needs.

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agentless connection
Connects to your environment using an agentless, autonomous process
discover shadow data
Discovers all data- including “shadow” data that legacy solutions don’t find
low false positive
Accurately classifies structured and unstructured data with a low false positive rate

Best of all
Your data never leaves your environment.

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