The BigID Alternative that Doesn’t Require Constant Configuration

Sentra’s agentless solution was built for the cloud - no more manually connecting to every data store.

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Join the Enterprises Using Sentra’s DSPM to Secure 100s of Petabytes of Data

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Automatic classification
that's actually automatic

With Sentra, there's no need to spend weeks connecting to every data store.

Complete shadow data detection
Auto-configure without connectors
Agentless, automatic discovery & classification
Not for PaaS or On-Prem
Quick time to value
Real-time threat detection
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Sentra's Data Security Features

Agentless Discovery

  • Connect to your multi-cloud environment in  minutes, not days.
  • Automatically and continuously discover 100% of data stores without any impact on workload performance
  • No need to manually configure the connection to the data store or provide specific credentials

Comprehensive Asset Coverage

  • Accurately detect PII, PCI, PHI, developer secrets, and more with a false positive rate below 5%
  • Automatically label proprietary data, including customer data, 
HR data, or intellectual property
  • Build your own data classes or use one of the 150+ built in options

Data Movement Detection

  • Identify sensitive data assets with a weak security posture, including public exposure, unencrypted data, compliance violations, etc
  • Detect when data is copied across data stores, including when it’s processed by data pipelines, ETLs, database migrations, or backups
  • Define policies to alert when sensitive data is copied or moved between regions, environments, and accounts
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