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As more organizations move to the cloud and adopt a data-driven approach,
data becomes more difficult to secure.

Organizations are shifting to defense-in-depth strategy from the old perimeter-based approach, and this shift results in missing the business context.

Sentra is on a mission

To enable cloud-driven organizations to regain control and secure their data.
Through our unique platform, Sentra is focused on improving data security practices within the cloud, mitigating the risks of damaging data breaches by providing comprehensive visibility into critical data assets.

Leadership Team

Asaf Kochan

Former Commander of Unit 8200, Israel’s elite military technology and cyber unit.  Methodological, analytical, and results-driven, Asaf is an experienced cybersecurity leader with a broad perspective on global cyber threats. 
Yoav Regev

Former head of Unit 8200’s cyber department as well as the unit’s liaison to the US. With his focus on innovation, Yoav and his teams have developed new cyber technologies that are widely used today, earning him the highly acclaimed Israel Defense Prize.
Ron Reiter

An experienced entrepreneur who sold his company to Oracle in 2016 and went on to invest in over a dozen new startups. After serving in Unit 8200, Ron spent 15 years in various managing positions in data engineering, cybersecurity, and cloud infrastructure . 
Yair Cohen
VP Product

A strategic product leader, who led product teams at Microsoft and Datadog, building world-class cloud security products. He is also a Unit 8200 alumni and holds a BSc in Computer Science and Business Management from Tel Aviv University.

Backed by leading global investors

Our Investors

Sentra’s investors also include security leaders who have built some of the industry’s leading products, companies, and technologies.