AWS Partnership

Sentra enables AWS based organizations to gain full visibility and control of data as well as to protect against sensitive data breaches across the entire AWS cloud environment.

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Data Security Posture Management

Sentra enables agentless full stack coverage of your AWS workloads in minutes.

Sentra's agentless solution enables organizations to secure their data without slowing down their business.
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Automatically detect all managed and unmanaged cloud native datastores

Cloud Data Discovery


Sort and tag your data based
on business impact

Cloud Data Classification


Maintain your data security posture with automatic risk assessment and compliance

Data Asset Discovery


Actionable alerts to put you on
the path to remediation

Sentra Integrations

Sentra's Agentless Solution Connects to Your Cloud in Minutes

Secure your data without affecting performance or slowing down your business

Metadata Only

Agentless, Intelligent Data Scanning

Sentra’s smart data scanning technology protects your data without breaking your cloud provider bill or slowing down your team’s productivity.
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