Sentra’s Cloud-Native Data Security Platform

Sentra’s multi-cloud data security platform discovers, classifies, and prioritizes the most business-critical data security risks, enabling faster remediation and compliance adherence. Specializing in DSPM, Sentra ensures that the correct security posture moves with sensitive cloud data.

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Agentless Data Discovery

Sentra connects to your multi-cloud environment in minutes. Our agentless data discovery automatically and continuously discovers 100% of data stores without any impact on workload performance, and without the need to configure the connection to the data store or provide specific credentials.

Cloud-Native Data Classification

Leveraging machine learning and metadata clustering, automatically classify data with an unprecedented level of accuracy. Sentra detects PII, PCI, PHI, developer secrets, and more. Automatically label proprietary data, including customer data, HR data, or intellectual property.

Data Security Posture Management

Sentra DSPM continuously analyzes your data’s security posture, helping you automate risk assessment to prioritize threats based on your data’s sensitivity and policy guidelines.  Receive risk scores and get alerted to compliance violations and other exposures that endanger your most valued assets.

Data Detection and Response

Sentra DDR provides early breach warning by continuous monitoring of activity logs to identify new or emerging data threats. Complementing DSPM, it alerts you in near real time to suspicious activity such as unusual accesses or data movement which warrants further investigation.

Data Access Governance

Sentra DAG alerts you to issues such as excessive permissions, unauthorized access, inactive or unused identities and API keys, and improper service and user provisioning. Implement least privilege access controls across disparate cloud environments in order to reduce the attack surface and risks and minimize the impact of a data breach.

Multi-Cloud Data Security Posture Management

Identify sensitive data assets with a weak security posture, including public exposure, unencrypted data, compliance violations, unmanaged or un-backed up data, and much more. In addition to dozens of default policies, you can also create your own policies with granular data security controls that are infrastructure agnostic. Get a relative risk score to prioritize which vulnerabilities to address first.

Ensure no critical data is left undiscovered by cataloging tables and objects. Understand in detail your data’s usage, sensitivity, lineage, environment and data type (source code, structured DB table, web pages, unstructured files, etc.) with custom classifiers and sensitivity labels enabling precise classification and risk evaluation, threat prioritization, and remediation actioning.

Detects when data is copied across cloud data stores, including when it’s processed by data pipelines, ETLs, database migrations, or backups. Define policies to alert when sensitive data is copied or moved between regions, environments, and accounts. Gain rich context and visualization to investigate data similarities and security drifts, such as excessive permissions, and bring together multiple data owners for easier remediation.

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Give teams direct visibility into their data security and compliance violations with integrations to the tools they are familiar with. Automatically route issues to the right teams with more than 20 pre-built or custom integrations.

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Secure Data As It Travels Across Any Cloud

Sentra provides a multi-cloud data security platform that works across IaaS, SaaS and DBaaS, including AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud, Snowflake, Databricks, and more.

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