Keep Sensitive PHI Secure while Leveraging the Cloud to Improve Patient Care

Embracing the Cloud Securely with your Healthcare Data Can Be Challenging

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Increased risk of costly data breaches, damaging trust and reputation

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Complexity to remain compliant with data regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH

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Data sharing increases data access risks, such as: excessive permissions, unauthorized access, and inactive/unused identities

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Accurately classifying toxic combinations of PHI is particularly challenging, increasing the risk of data theft

Sentra’s Data Lifecycle Security Platform Keeps your Sensitive Patient Data Protected and Compliant

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Automatically Discover and Accurately Classify your High Risk Patient Data

  • Within minutes, uncover and understand your PHI spanning patient medical history, treatment plans, lab tests, radiology images, physician notes, and more!
  • Seamlessly build a well-organized data catalog, ensuring all your high-risk patient data is secure, stored correctly and in compliance.
  • Sentra is cloud native with full coverage across AWS, Azure, Snowflake, GCP and Office 365. Your cloud data never leaves your environment, keeping you in control of your sensitive data at all times.
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Stay on Top of Healthcare Data Regulations

  • Streamline and automate your regulated patient data ahead of big security audits. With a clear view of all sensitive patient data, our platform automatically identifies compliance gaps for proactive and fast resolution.
  • Easily translate your compliance requirements for HIPPAA, GDPR and HITECH into rules and policies -  you’ll get notifications when data is copied or moved between regions.
  • Run compliance reports with all the evidence you need - sensitive data types, regulatory controls, and compliance status for relevant regulatory frameworks.
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Reduce Data Access Risks for Efficient Interoperability

  • Detect which users have access to sensitive PHI data.
  • Manage third party access risks by providing different providers with varying levels of access.
  • Achieve least privilege access by continuously monitoring and tracking access keys and user identities to ensure that each user has the appropriate access permissions.

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