Next-Gen Cloud Data Loss Prevention - A Vital Shift from Prevention to Real-Time Protection

DLP was not built for cloud native environments

Legacy DLP was created for on-prem data. But today, data moves across cloud-native environments, leaving its original security posture and policies behind.

Accuracy Illustration

Traditional DLP is manually driven, leading to inefficiencies and reduced risk detection accuracy (due to high false positives)

Deployment Illustration

Deployment of agents and proxies that are not applicable in cloud-native environments and managed services

Blocking Illustration

Automatically blocking applications and services access in IaaS and PaaS environments disturbing business continuity

Alert Illustration

Alert fatigue due to unprioritized remediation efforts

Sentra’s Data Security Lifecycle Platform brings a cloud-native approach to DLP by auto detecting and remediating data risks at scale

Built to scale in complex multicloud-native environments, Sentra empowers you with a single platform to quickly and accurately prioritize all of your most critical data risks in near real-time.

Lifecycle platform illustration

One cloud interface to auto remediate processes via integrations and workflows

Sentra integrates with your existing systems and productivity tools to efficiently auto remediate risks and threats that are in high priority. Configuration issues are automatically corrected, ensuring that users have the appropriate access permissions at all times. This drives more SecOps efficiencies, reducing time wastage, unnecessary manual intervention and alert fatigue.

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