Protect Your Sensitive Financial Customer Data Across Multi-Cloud Environments

Protecting highly regulated financial data in the cloud is complex

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Managing high volumes of sensitive data increases privacy risks and potential data breaches

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Third party risks, insider threats and human error increase overall risk

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Non-compliance results in financial, legal and reputational risks

Reduce Cloud Data Risks

Keep Your Sensitive Financial and Customer Data Protected and Compliant with Sentra’s Data Lifecycle Security Platform
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Automatically Discover, Classify and Monitor Highly Regulated Financial Data

  • Uncover all your sensitive financial data in minutes, including card holder data, financial account numbers, income, tax and loan-related details across all known and unknown cloud data stores.
  • Leverage AI to build an organized data catalog, ensuring all your regulated financial data (structured and unstructured) is accurately classified, compliant, and up-to-date.
  • Leave no critical data undiscovered with comprehensive data asset coverage, custom data classes and detailed cataloging of tables and objects.
  • Sentra is cloud native with full coverage across AWS, Azure, Snowflake, GCP and Office 365. Your cloud data never leaves your environment, keeping you in control of your sensitive data at all times.
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Proactively Comply with Diverse Data Regulations

  • Simplify preparation for security audits requiring a system of record for all regulated financial data. Get a clear overview of your sensitive financial data, identifying compliance discrepancies for fast and 
proactive remediation.
  • Easily translate requirements for PCI-DSS, GDPR, Fair Lending or other compliance frameworks and regulations using simple rules and policies. For example, you’ll be notified when regulated data is copied between regions.
  • Detect specific policy violations, e.g. discover PCI-DSS violations indicating classified information including credit cards and bank account numbers are publicly accessible or found outside of a PCI compliant environment.
  • Generate compliance reports including all the necessary evidence: sensitive data categories, regulatory measures, and the  status for relevant regulatory standards.
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Reduce Data Access Risks and Insider Threats

  • Automatically detect which users have access to sensitive financial and customer data.
  • Mitigate internal and supply chain risks by providing varying degrees of access based on need.
  • Enforce least privilege access through ongoing monitoring and tracking of keys and user identities.
  • When a breach occurs, Sentra can promptly evaluate the breach's impact and initiate remedial actions to limit damage.

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