Protect Sensitive Customer Data, Enhance Trust, and Comply with Privacy Regulations

Safeguarding retail customer data from exposure, fraud and potential threats is essential

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E-payment and e-commerce raises data risks and breach potential

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Data privacy and security regulations and frameworks are complex

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Multiple brands and diverse partner supply chains further increase risk

Prevent Customer Data Exposure

Keep Sensitive Customer Data Protected and Compliant with Sentra’s Cloud-Native Data Security Platform
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Automatically Discover, Classify and Secure All Customer Data

  • Uncover all your sensitive customer data, including PII, card holder data, payment account info, and order details across all data stores.
  • Leave no sensitive data undiscovered with comprehensive data asset coverage, custom data classes and detailed cataloging of tables and objects.
  • Leverage real-time threat monitoring (DDR) to prevent fraud, data exfiltration or breach, reducing downtime and ensuring data remains secured.
  • Full coverage across AWS, Azure, Snowflake, GCP and Office 365 and on premise file shares and DBs. Your cloud data never leaves your environment.

Comply with Data Security and Privacy Regulations

  • Simplify preparation for security audits of customer and credit card / account data. Identify compliance discrepancies for fast remediation.
  • Meet requirements for PCI-DSS, GDPR, CCPA, DPDPA or other compliance frameworks and regulations using out-of-the-box rules and policies. For example, get notified when regulated data is copied between regions or to an unsecured environment.
  • Detect specific policy violations, e.g. discover PCI-DSS violations indicating classified information including credit cards and bank account numbers are publicly accessible or found outside of a PCI compliant environment.
  • Generate compliance reports with all the necessary evidence: sensitive data categories, regulatory measures, security posture, and status.
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Mitigate Supply Chain Risks and Emerging Threats

  • Automatically detect when 3rd-parties have access to sensitive account and customer data.
  • Reduce supply chain risks by providing least privilege access based on need.
Implement security posture and retention policies to reduce abandoned data risks.
  • Be instantly alerted to suspect data movement or accesses such as from unknown IPs.
  • Promptly evaluate a breach's impact and initiate remedial actions to limit damage.

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