How Sentra Enables Global-e to Reduce Cloud Data Risks and Storage Costs in AWS

e-Commerce Solutions

As a provider of everything customers need for streamlined international expansion, Global-e makes cross-border sales as simple as domestic ones. To do so requires a strong commitment to security and compliance, and Global-e must comply with a number of strict regulations, including PCI-DSS and SOC2. In Sentra, they found a scalable solution to address these needs.

Customer Challenge

Global-e’s key challenge, as it is for most e-commerce providers, was to keep their customer and company cloud data secured against bad actors. Global-e runs their main data and services infrastructure on AWS, and sought a data security solution that would provide visibility into its AWS data storage services to easily identify and remediate potential data risks.

Global-e’s business is dependent on customer trust - in the security of underlying financial and account data, the integrity of transactions, and in adherence to applicable regulatory and international laws. If a data breach
were to occur, it could cause loss of trust, and ultimately catastrophic loss of revenues.

Sentra Solution

Global-e implemented Sentra to automatically discover, classify, assess, and prioritize the risks of their most sensitive and business critical cloud data. They found Sentra's solution easy to use, scalable, and started to see valuable data insights and results within hours. Sentra’s scanning technology, quickly and accurately discovers all sensitive data resources to identify the most relevant and high priority vulnerabilities for fast and targeted remediation.

Sentra helps Global-e to protect its data by:

• Automated data discovery and classification
• Prioritized risk assessment and scoring
• Policy enforcement
• Audit preparation and compliance reporting

Scaling for Large, Multi-Cloud Environment

Global-e employs a very diverse multi-cloud environment that comprises 1.75 petabytes of data and numerous AWS services including hundreds of S3 buckets and multiples of DynamoDB, MySQL Memcached, PostgreSQL,
ElasticSearch, Open Search, Redis, SQL Server and Oracle EC2. These data stores house millions of both structured and unstructured data assets -
a significant portion of that sensitive - utilized to support international e-commerce customer transactions.

Results and Benefits

From a single platform, and within hours, Sentra gained a comprehensive understanding of who has access to sensitive data, how it is being used, and its security posture. Global-e gained a clear and prioritized view of all their sensitive data assets and exposures with the ability to drill down deeply into specific issues. Since implementing Sentra, Global-e has seen significant improvements in the strength of its data security posture. The company is now able to protect its cloud data more effectively, saving its security, IT, DevOps and engineering teams time, and ensuring it remains compliant with regulatory requirements. Significant tangible benefits have accrued to Global-e including:

• 80% to greater than 95% compliance readiness for CIS, NIST SP 800, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, CCPA, GDPR and other regulatory frameworks

• Up to 20% data storage reduction via clean up of shadow data with tens of thousands of dollars per month in operational cost savings

• Ability to identify and remediate potential risks, including 10% or more improvements in shadow data and exposed data reduction, elimination of risky credentials in data stores, better access control / reduced excessive access of third parties and dormant identities, and misplaced or improperly located data.


About Global-e

Global-e is a leading global e-commerce enabler that provides a single platform for
merchants to sell their products to end customers around the
world. Global-e’s smart solutions couple advanced e-commerce technology with deep market insights and experience. As a result, retail clients enjoy an immediate and unparalleled uplift in revenues and increased
shopper satisfaction.

“Sentra has helped us to significantly improve our cloud security posture. We are now able to protect our data more effectively and comply with our regulatory requirements. Sentra has also helped us to reduce our risk of data breaches and to save money on cloud storage costs.”

Benny Bloch
CISO, Global-e
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