Microsoft 365 
Data Security

Automatically detect and classify sensitive data - whether it’s in OneDrive, SharePoint, Azure, or on-Prem.

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Join the Enterprises Using Sentra to Secure 100s of Petabytes of Data

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Data Security Posture Management for Microsoft

Stop Data Sprawl to Employee OneDrives

Employees love using their company OneDrives to save everything they’re working on - including files with sensitive data. Discover sensitive data in employee OneDrives which violate company policies.

Detection of Threats in Real Time

Uncover threats like data exfiltration or security posture tampering in real-time. Discover and classify sensitive data across all Clouds, SaaS, and OnPrem shares & databases.

Monitor and Restrict Access to Sensitive Documents on OneDrive and SharePoint

OneDrive and SharePoint make sharing easy - but not everyone needs access to sensitive documents. Monitor sharing permissions to enforce policies and to ensure least privilege access.

Set Data Loss Prevention Policies with Labels

DLP only works with accurate data classification. Apply accurate sensitivity labels to emails, documents, and other file formats for more efficient DLP policies.

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How Sentra Secures Microsoft 365 Data

Sentra’s autonomous discovery and classification engine detects all types of sensitive information and finds toxic combinations or hidden threats.

Sentra’s engine determines the purpose of the data, enabling better security and efficient risk management procedures.

The data’s behavior and security posture are evaluated, including monitoring sharing permissions for lease privilege access.

Sentra integrates with dozens of data catalogs, incident response, and ITSM tools to speed remediation efforts and improve reporting accuracy and timeliness.