Enrich Your Cloud Security - Protect the Paths that Lead to Your Sensitive Data

The most critical risks are the ones that lead to sensitive cloud data.

Your teams use cloud security tools to detect and prioritize risks and threats in your cloud infrastructure, network and applications.  But we all know that what matters is the data. Without knowing which sensitive data is impacted, cloud security professionals are faced with a host of challenges:

Security event Illustration

Inability to differentiate security events that contain high-risk sensitive data

Correlation Illustration

Significant threats go unnoticed from no direct correlation to high-risk sensitive data sources

Accurate Illustration

Accurate risk prioritization is an unattainable task for GRC teams without a clear data security context

Reduction Illustration

Reduced productivity and alert fatigue due to a lack of risk and threat prioritization

With Sentra’s Data Lifecycle Security Platform, unify the power of your cloud security tools with unmatched data discovery and classification

Data sensitivity illustration

Uncover your most sensitive data at scale

Agentless discovery and novel scanning technology uncover sensitive data stores across your entire cloud estate. This covers all cloud-native and unmanaged databases, data warehouses, data lakes, data pipelines, and metadata catalogs across all major public cloud providers

Enrich your security posture with business context

Add accurate, sensitive data findings to your cloud security events, such as misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and threats, to improve prioritization of the most critical issues

Prioritize security events based on data sensitivity

Always be sure you are dealing with the attack path that prioritizes your sensitive data risks first

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