Powerful Data Access Governance for a Robust Zero Trust Strategy

Data moves in the cloud. And so do your access controls.

Data sharing and collaboration in the cloud is an essential element driving the business forward, but it opens organizations up to a host of data access risks. Data moves and flows dynamically, often ending up in places without proper access controls. As a result, the authorization gap continues to grow, widening the divide between what data users and applications can access and what they should have access to, based on least privileges and zero trust approaches.

Permisions Illustration

Excessive permissions

Unauthorized Illustration

Unauthorized access

Identities Illustration

Inactive or unused identities and API keys

Provisioning Illustration

Improper service and user provisioning and deprovisioning

Sentra’s data lifecycle security platform moves with your data access controls, reducing unauthorized exposure risks 

In a data-driven, cloud first world, successfully controlling identities access and entitlements, requires shifting gears and adopting dynamic fine grained access controls that are designed to move with your data.

access control illustration

Achieve least privilege access

Continuously monitor and track access keys and user identities to ensure that each user has appropriate access permissions according to their role and responsibilities in the organization.

Manage third party vendor access risks

Provide different vendors with varying levels of access, and detect third party and cross-account access risks to sensitive data, before they become incidents. In the event of a third party vendor security breach, Sentra can immediately assess the impact of the breach and assist with remediation steps to limit further access.

Detect and block data assets which are publicly accessible

Gain a clear understanding of which data assets are publicly accessible, and take targeted actions to proactively manage data access restrictions.

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