Secure Your Sensitive Information During M&A Integrations

During the M&A process, organizations combine large amounts of data, introducing new risks.

The integration process itself can introduce vulnerabilities as systems are connected and data is migrated, potentially exposing sensitive information, such as customer data, proprietary technology, and internal processes to cyber threats.

Navigating the M&A integration process involves addressing challenges, such as:

Hidden Vulnerability Illustration

Hidden vulnerabilities:

Undetected breaches in acquired companies become sudden liabilities for the merged entity.

Integration Chaos Illustration

Integration chaos:

Merging disparate data systems creates confusion, increasing access risks and potential leaks.

Compliance minefield Illustration

Compliance minefield:

Navigating a web of new regulations across various industries and territories raises compliance burdens.

Insider threats Illustration

Insider threats:

Disgruntled employees in both companies pose increased risks during integration and restructuring.

Proactively Manage Your Data Risks During the M&A Integration With Sentra’s Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) Platform

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Rapidly Assess Data Risk with DSPM

DSPM requires no connectors, agents, or credentials, making it ideal for M&A integrations. Setup is easy and data stays securely within the target environment. Gain swift insights into acquired companies data security posture, typically within hours to a few days.

Risk Sensitivity Score

Risk score illustration

Once the assessment is complete, a data risk sensitivity score is generated and can be easily compared with other portfolio members to determine the level of risk an acquisition target brings to the organization.

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Ensure Compliance Adherence

Evaluating compliance is crucial for risk assessment. Sentra's DSPM offers dozens of frameworks for independent compliance assessment and alerts on potential violations. This helps reduce the chances of audit failure and regulatory fines stemming from merger candidates.

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