AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS EDR) is a disaster recovery solution offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that enables you to protect your applications and data from outages and disruptions. It provides a simple and scalable way to replicate your applications and data across multiple regions, so you can quickly fail over to a secondary region in the event of an outage or disaster.

AWS EDR allows you to set up and manage disaster recovery for your applications and data using a simple, web-based interface. It also integrates with a variety of AWS services, such as Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, and Amazon RDS, making it easy to replicate your applications and data across multiple regions.

Another key feature of AWS EDR is its flexibility. It supports a wide range of applications and data types, including file systems, databases, and application-level data. It also allows you to customize your disaster recovery strategy to fit your specific needs, such as setting up automated failover procedures or testing your disaster recovery plan regularly.

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