AWS Firewall Manager

Firewall Manager allows customers to create and manage firewall rules that are applied to their Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) resources. These rules specify which traffic is allowed to pass through the firewall and which traffic is blocked. Firewall Manager supports both stateful and stateless rules, and allows customers to use their own rules or choose from a set of predefined rules.

To use Firewall Manager, customers create a firewall policy that defines the rules they want to enforce. They can then use this policy to enforce their rules across one or more AWS accounts, using AWS Organizations. Firewall Manager automatically ensures that the rules are enforced across all accounts and resources that are covered by the policy.

One of the key benefits of Firewall Manager is its ability to enforce rules consistently across multiple accounts and resources. This can be especially useful for customers with large and complex AWS environments, as it allows them to easily manage and enforce their security policies across all of their resources.

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