Azure AD DS

Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure AD DS) is a cloud-based service provided by Microsoft Azure that enables organizations to manage and synchronize user identities, group policies, and authentication mechanisms with an Active Directory (AD) environment in the Azure cloud.

Here are key terms related to Azure AD DS:

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD): A comprehensive identity and access management service in the Azure cloud that provides authentication and authorization capabilities for applications and services. Azure AD serves as the backbone for user identity management in Azure.

Active Directory (AD): A directory service developed by Microsoft that stores and manages information about users, groups, and network resources in a Windows domain. AD is commonly used for managing user accounts and access permissions in on-premises environments.

Domain Services: The core functionality of Azure AD DS that provides a managed domain service in the cloud. It allows organizations to create domain-joined virtual machines, authenticate users using domain credentials, and apply group policies similar to an on-premises AD environment.

Domain Controller: A server that manages access and authentication for users within a Windows domain. In the context of Azure AD DS, the domain controllers are hosted and managed by Microsoft Azure.

Domain Join: The process of connecting a computer or virtual machine to a domain controller, enabling it to participate in the domain and authenticate users against the domain's user database.

Group Policy: A feature in Active Directory that allows administrators to define and enforce specific configurations and settings for user accounts and computers within a domain. Group policies can be used to manage security settings, application installations, and more.

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