Azure Disk Storage

Azure Disk Storage is a managed storage service provided by Microsoft Azure for creating and managing durable and high-performance disk resources. It offers scalable block-level storage that can be easily attached to virtual machines (VMs) and other Azure services.

Users can choose from different disk types, including Standard HDD, Standard SSD, and Premium SSD, based on their specific workload requirements. Azure Disk Storage provides both managed and unmanaged disk options, with managed disks offering simplified management, scalability, and built-in features such as snapshots and disk encryption.

To ensure data durability, Azure Disk Storage replicates data across multiple storage nodes within a region, ensuring high availability and protection against hardware failures. The service also supports data encryption at rest, adding an extra layer of security.

Integration with Azure Virtual Machines allows for seamless attachment and detachment of disks, as well as easy scaling of disk capacity without impacting VM availability. Features like disk snapshots enable point-in-time recovery and data protection.

Azure Disk Storage provides a reliable and flexible solution for managing disk resources for VMs and other Azure services, supporting the building of scalable and resilient applications in the Azure cloud environment.

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