Keep Your Cloud Data Compliant with Global Regulations and Internal Policies

Data moves in the cloud. Compliance frameworks don’t.

In the multi-cloud era, sensitive cloud data is constantly in flux:

Unkown Illustration

Unknown data risks due to lack of visibility and inaccurate data classification

Undetected Illustration

Undetected data movement across regions

Changes Illustration

Frequent changes to access permissions and user activity go unnoticed

Misconfiguration Illustration

Misconfigurations of data security posture results in unnecessary violations

Continuous data movement and activity changes make it impossible to gain the proper visibility and control to comply with global regulations.

Decorative tubeDecorative tube

Sentra's data lifecycle security platform keeps you compliant and in control of your moving cloud data

Global compliance illustration

Enforce global and regional compliance regulations by ensuring that your automated and default policies are in use

Personal data illustration

Ensure personal data is not copied across regions with retention policies and without data encryption

Anonymized data illustration

Keep customer data anonymized when transferred or duplicated

Streamline data illustration

Streamline and automate your regulated data for security audits

Gain a clear view of all your sensitive data, and  automatically identify compliance gaps for fast resolution

Compliance Risks illustration

Manage data privacy and compliance risks

Once you know where your sensitive data assets are and who can access them, translate your compliance requirements for GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and PCI DSS into rules and policies to notify when data is copied or moved between regions

Compliance Report illustration

Automated compliance reports

Easily provide evidence of sensitive data types, regulatory controls, and compliance status for all the popular regulatory frameworks

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