AWS CloudHSM is a security service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides customers with a hardware security module (HSM) in the cloud, which they can use to store and manage their cryptographic keys.

An HSM is a dedicated hardware device that is used to generate, store, and manage cryptographic keys. It is designed to protect keys from unauthorized access and ensure that they are only used for their intended purpose. AWS CloudHSM provides customers with a virtual HSM that they can use to store and manage their keys in the cloud.

AWS CloudHSM allows customers to use their own keys, rather than relying on keys managed by AWS. This can be important for customers who have regulatory or compliance requirements that mandate the use of specific cryptographic keys.

To use CloudHSM, customers create an HSM cluster and then use the cluster to create one or more HSM instances. Customers can then use their HSM instances to generate, store, and manage their keys. CloudHSM provides a set of APIs that customers can use to access their HSM instances and perform key management tasks.

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