Binary Authorization and How to Implement it

Binary Authorization is a security control for containers in cloud computing that ensures only trusted container images are deployed on Kubernetes Engine clusters. As organizations increasingly adopt containerized applications, Binary Authorization provides a critical layer of security.

Key Features of Binary Authorization

Binary Authorization offers essential features to enhance container security:

Features Description
Automated Policy Enforcement Automatically ensures that only authorized container images are deployed.
CI/CD Integration Seamlessly works with existing deployment pipelines for security checks.
Signature Validation Confirms image integrity through signature verification.
Auditability Provides comprehensive logging for tracking and auditing deployments.

Benefits of Binary Authorization

Implementing Binary Authorization provides multiple advantages:

  • Enhanced Security: Ensures that only verified container images are deployed, minimizing the risk of deploying malicious or vulnerable containers.
  • Compliance and Governance: Helps in maintaining compliance with security policies and standards.
  • Streamlined Operations: Integrates with CI/CD pipelines for smooth and secure deployment processes.
  • Visibility and Control: Offers visibility into container deployment and control over what gets deployed.

Implementing Binary Authorization

Implementing Binary Authorization involves the following steps:

  1. Set Up a Policy: Define and configure a policy that specifies which container images are allowed.
  2. Integrate with CI/CD: Connect Binary Authorization with your CI/CD pipeline.
  3. Enforce Signature Verification: Ensure that only images with a valid signature are deployed.
  4. Audit and Monitor: Regularly review logs and monitor compliance with the set policy.


Binary Authorization is a vital tool for organizations using containerized applications, especially in Kubernetes environments. It not only enhances the security of container deployments but also ensures compliance and provides greater control and visibility. Implementing Binary Authorization is a strategic step towards securing cloud infrastructure, ensuring that only trusted container images are deployed in production environments.

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