GCP Access Transparency and Access Approval

GCP Access Transparency is a feature provided by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that enhances transparency and visibility into access and data interactions within the platform. It provides organizations with detailed logs and records of actions performed by Google personnel, allowing customers to monitor and audit access to their data by Google support and engineering teams.

With GCP Access Transparency, organizations can gain insights into the activities conducted by Google personnel on their GCP resources. This includes information on actions such as data access, modification, or deletion. By having access to these logs, customers can verify the integrity and security of their data, meet compliance requirements, and monitor for any unauthorized access or suspicious activities.

Access Transparency logs are generated in near real-time and provide a granular view of Google's interactions with customer data. This transparency helps build trust and allows organizations to maintain control and accountability over their data within the GCP environment.

GCP Access Approval is a service offered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that enables organizations to manage and control access to their cloud resources. It provides a centralized and streamlined process for granting or denying access requests, ensuring that only authorized individuals or services can interact with critical GCP resources.

With GCP Access Approval, organizations can establish strict access controls and enforce a structured workflow for access requests. This includes defining approval policies, specifying approvers, and setting up automated workflows for reviewing and granting access. The service integrates with Google Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM), allowing administrators to leverage IAM roles and permissions to control resource access effectively.

Access Approval logs all access requests and approvals, providing a comprehensive audit trail for compliance and security purposes. This helps organizations maintain visibility into access activities, track approval processes, and meet regulatory requirements.

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