Sentra Integrates with Amazon Security Lake, Providing a Data First Security Approach

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February 22, 2024
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We are excited to announce Sentra’s integration with Amazon Security Lake, a fully managed security data lake service enabling organizations to automatically centralize security data from various sources, including cloud, on-premises, and third-party vendors.

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Our joint capabilities enable organizations to fast track the prioritization of their most business critical data risks, based on data sensitivity scores. What’s more, enterprises can automatically classify and secure their sensitive cloud data while also analyzing the data to gain a comprehensive understanding of their security posture.

Building a Data Sensitivity Layer is Key for Prioritizing Business Critical Risks

Many security programs and products today generate a large number of alerts and notifications without understanding how sensitive the data at risk truly is. This leaves security teams overwhelmed and susceptible to alert fatigue, making it difficult to efficiently identify and prioritize the most critical risks to the business.

Bringing Sentra's unique data sensitivity scoring approach to Amazon Security Lake, organizations can now effectively protect their most valuable assets by prioritizing and remediating the security issues that pose the greatest risks to their critical data.

Moreover, many organizations leverage third-party vendors for threat detection based on security logs that are stored in Amazon Security Lake. Sentra enriches these security events with the corresponding sensitivity score, greatly improving the speed and accuracy of threat detection and  reducing the response time of real-world attacks.

Sentra's technology allows security teams to easily discover, classify, and assess the sensitivity of every data store and data asset in their cloud environment. By correlating security events with the data sensitivity layer, a meaningful data context can be built, enabling organizations to more efficiently detect threats and prioritize risks, reducing the most significant risks to the business.

OCSF Opens Up Multiple Use Cases

The Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) is a set of standards and best practices for defining, sharing, and using cybersecurity-related data. By adopting OCSF, Sentra seamlessly exchanges cybersecurity-related data with various security tools, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of these solutions. Security Lake is one of the vendors that supports OCSF, enabling mutual customers to enjoy the benefit of the integration.

This powerful integration ultimately offers organizations a smart and more efficient way to prioritize and address security risks based on the sensitivity of their data. With Sentra's data-first security approach and Security Lake's analytics enabling capabilities, organizations can now effectively protect their most valuable assets and improve their overall security posture. By leveraging the power of both platforms, security teams can focus on what truly matters: securing their most sensitive data and reducing risk across their organization.

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