AWS Organizations

AWS Organizations is a feature of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform that allows you to centralize billing, account management, and access control for multiple AWS accounts. This can be useful for companies or organizations that have multiple teams or departments that use AWS services, as it allows you to manage all of your accounts from a single master account.

With AWS Organizations, you can create and manage AWS accounts in a hierarchical structure known as an organization. You can create multiple AWS accounts for different teams, projects, or regions, and then group these accounts together under a single root account. The root account has full access to all of the accounts in the organization, and can manage the permissions and policies of each individual account.

One of the main benefits of AWS Organizations is that it simplifies billing and cost management. When you use AWS Organizations, you only have to pay for the services used by each account in the organization, rather than paying for each account separately. This makes it easier to track your AWS costs and allocate them to different teams or projects.

AWS Organizations also provides improved security and compliance by allowing you to set policies that govern the use of AWS services across all of the accounts in your organization. You can use these policies to ensure that all of your accounts are following the same security and compliance standards, and you can use the consolidated billing feature to track the costs associated with each policy.

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