AWS Resource Access Manager

AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM) is a service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows users to securely share AWS resources across multiple AWS accounts within an organization. RAM simplifies resource sharing by centralizing access management and eliminating the need for resource duplication across accounts.

AWS RAM provides several benefits, including:

Simplified Resource Management: It enables centralized management of shared resources, reducing the need for resource duplication and simplifying access control across multiple AWS accounts.

Improved Resource Utilization: Organizations can optimize resource utilization by sharing resources among multiple accounts, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Enhanced Security and Control: Resource owners maintain control over the shared resources, ensuring that only authorized accounts have access. Permissions can be managed and updated centrally.

Cross-Account Collaboration: Teams and departments within an organization can collaborate by sharing resources securely across accounts, facilitating application development and deployment workflows.

By using AWS RAM, organizations can streamline resource sharing, improve collaboration, and optimize resource utilization across their AWS accounts, leading to greater operational efficiency and cost savings

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