Google Cloud Firewall

Google Cloud Firewall is a network security service in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that protects cloud applications and infrastructure from unauthorized access. It allows organizations to define and enforce access control policies, filtering inbound and outbound network traffic based on specified parameters.

By creating rules based on IP addresses, protocols, and ports, organizations can control traffic flow and restrict access to resources. Google Cloud Firewall operates at the instance and virtual private cloud (VPC) network levels, providing layered security. It integrates with other GCP services like Cloud Armor and Cloud Logging for added protection and visibility.

Google Cloud Firewall safeguards against common network-based attacks, such as DDoS and unauthorized access attempts. It helps prevent malicious traffic from reaching critical resources, reducing the risk of data breaches and service disruptions.

its centralized management interface and automation capabilities, Google Cloud Firewall offers flexibility and scalability for effective network security management. It enables organizations to maintain control over network traffic in complex environments.

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