Sentra's Data Lifecycle Security Platform

Sentra tracks and assesses data and its security through the entire lifecycle. By providing automatic visibility, risk assessment, and access analysis for cloud data, Sentra ensures that sensitive data is always secured - regardless of where it travels in your cloud.

Agentless Data Discovery

Sentra connects to your multi-cloud environment in minutes. Our agentless data discovery automatically and continuously discovers 100% of data stores without any impact on workload performance, and without the need to configure the connection to the data store or provide specific credentials.

Cloud-Native Data Classification

Leveraging machine learning and metadata clustering, automatically classify data with an unprecedented level of accuracy. Sentra detects PII, PCI, PHI, developer secrets, and more. Automatically label proprietary data, including customer data, HR data, or intellectual property.

Multi-Cloud Data Security Posture Management

Identify sensitive data assets with a weak security posture, including misconfigurations, encryption types, compliance violations, backups, logging, and much more. In addition to dozens of default policies, you can also create your own policies with granular data security controls to secure sensitive data assets regardless of the infrastructure and applications the data is stored in.

Understand at a glance who can and should take action on what data. Automatically raise timely alerts for security teams, such as when 3rd party applications gain sudden access to sensitive data. Use IAM identities and roles to reduce the “data attack surface” by detecting dormant data, inactive users, unused access keys, users without MFA, and more.

Detect when data is copied across cloud data stores, including when it’s processed by data pipelines, ETLs, database migrations, or backups. Define policies to alert when sensitive data is copied or moved between regions, environments, and networks. Gain rich context that outlines security drifts, such as excessive permissions, and bring together multiple data owners for easier remediation.


Give teams direct visibility into their data security and compliance violations with integrations to the tools they are familiar with. Automatically route issues to the right teams with more than 20 pre-built or custom integrations.

Secure Data As It Travels Across Any Cloud

Sentra provides a multi-cloud data security platform that works across IaaS, SaaS and DBaaS, including AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud, Snowflake, Databricks, and more.

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